This year marks the 12th Annual Ride For Hope!  This year's Ride for Hope project is the Keur Yermanda Benson (The Benson House Of Compassion).  In memory of Pastor Ralph Benson, the Ride For Hope is constructing a home for at risk girls in the African village of Bonabba, Senegal, Africa.  We are excited to announce that over $62,000 has already been raised to construct the home.  The funds raised from the ride for hope this year will be for the annual operating costs of the facility.  The annual cost is approximately $8,000 and our goal this year is to raise money for a least two years of operations.  Your participation in the ride will provide young girls safety and protection, giving them access to education and skills training opportunities.  This home will literally change lives for generations to come.  Please watch the video below and consider how you can help.  Thank you!